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At This very Moment | Antiwar Freeze Flash Mob 

Dundas SquareToronto July 26, 2014 





“At this very moment” was a flash mob performance took place in Dundas Square,Toronto, on Saturday, July 26 , 2014 at 3:00 p.m. This was a freeze flash mob which up to this point was fairly close to all the other previously performed freeze flash mobs in the world, but what made it different was that each of the performers was a narrator of a story. Some of them had some labels on the back of their shirts which illustrated a loss had happened through war. There were about 10 different types of labels, each expressed a death.

100 performers suddenly froze for 4 minutes to narrate one moment of the normal life of all those people who had died in the past, might die in the future or were dying right at the moment in the war, to show that they are or were people exactly like us with the exact same life and with all the other people who was walking around us on the performance day.

The purpose of this piece was to oppose the war, especially in opposition to the recent tragedies taking place in Gaza.

The decision to use art as our tool of protest came naturally, as the power of art is undisputed in bringing attention to the issue. “At this very moment” hopes to show the size of the catastrophe that is taking place at this very moment across the world and give it the attention it needs.

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