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Amphibious (Short Film)

Written, directed and produced by Ghazal Partou

Starring Raha Rouhollahi

Voice: Raheleh Sahba

DP & edit: Sepidar Valian

Music Composer: Aryan Shaban

First AD: Setareh Saleh /Production Manager: Farank Khodadadpour /Camera Operator: Anant Singh /Camera Assistant: Guillermo Pastor/ Gaffer: Matt Horn /Grip: Thomas Perche /Location Sound: Pournam Abbasi /Hair & Makeup: Natalia Andrea Pozo /Post-production Advisor: Amir Amirahmadi /Sound Designer: Seyed Hesamedin Tabatabaei /Credit Theme: Ian Lazarus & Shaya Shojanoori

Location: Toronto, Canada,2023

Amphibious is an attempt to illustrate the intricate process of forging a new identity and navigating the challenges immigrants face while carrying the weight of their roots from another land. The character of Raha, a young Iranian-Canadian immigrant, intimately captures the profound struggle of adapting memories, a sense of belonging, and the complexities of her dual existence. The film delves into her arduous journey of finding equilibrium amidst the tumultuous events in her homeland, the chaotic political landscape of the world, and the life she is building.

Amphibious Official Poster
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