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Why imagination?


An imagination formed; the one which started a journey even more fanciful than itself to gain life. An image settled down in mind and was striving to turn into reality. This imagination is born to a second observation of the surroundings; some images that we turn a blind eye on; however it lights up these phenomena for a second time and makes them a reason for a fresh expression; an expression whose elements are rooted in our daily routines, but ultimately create a piece which has been hidden underneath all those familiar forms.

And what is meant to be done is this fresh expression of mind. Observing one more time and giving life to a new meaning. These are all the means of a fictional wording of mind and admitting others into my world of imagination; the global world of imagination that I sometimes find myself in its heart and make my own world of artistic creation.



Ghazal Partou

Summer 2010

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