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 Arash the Archer-An Operatic Narration

Arash the Archer is an operatic narration of one of the most well known Iranian myths which has captivated many with its universal values such as redemption, hope and sacrifice. The Iranian-Canadian Composers of Toronto (ICOT) created a new version of the story directed by Siavash Shabanpour. Arash the Archer is a musical collage incorporating operatic singing, orchestral music, theatrical elements, video and stage design.

Based on Arash-e Kamangir (Arash the Archer) by Siavash Kasrai
Composers: Keyan Emami, Afarin Mansouri Tehrani, Saman Shahi, Pouya Hamidi, Maziar Heidari
Solo Soprano: Kamelia Dara
Illustrator: Touka Neyestani

Director, Stage Director and Dramaturge: Siavash Shabanpour

Actors: Pooria Fard, Ghazal Partou, Mahmoud Ramezani, Siavash Shabanpour, Shadi Shahkhalili



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