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Born in 1987, Ghazal Partou is a multi-disciplinary artist, who moved to Canada in 2013. Ghazal is the recipient of Toronto Arts Foundation 's  2015 TELUS Newcomer Artist Award, Persbook  Contemporary Art Award, and the National Sculpture Biennial Award in Tehran.


Her works mainly have psychosocial content. She received her B.A in Sculpture from Tehran University in 2010. While at university, she achieved her certificate in acting. The combination of graphic knowledge from the school of art, sculpture from university, in addition to drama, let her achieve a better perception of art. She is seeking to establish an interactive relation with the audience, even limited, surprise them and take the opportunity to present a new experience.


Since landing in Toronto Ghazal has been active in more than 20 art projects as an actor, creative director, and designer. She has collaborated twice with the Tirgan Festival - the world’s largest celebration of Iranian arts and culture.


These days, her effort is to make the most out of the multicultural atmosphere of Toronto. To find an international language as an artist and expand the limits to connect with people beyond their race, language, nationality, and ethnicity. 

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